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Formas Inorgánicas

Mexico City, 2022

“Saw you in a dream”, 2022, Acrylic on unstreteched canvas, 150 x 300 cm

I incorporate kundalini exercisesin my process, to activate my creative energy and make the composition. The pieces throw autobiographical narratives that force me to make a recapitulation of my history, my lineage, and my social environment. Bringing to light situations that seek to integrate. The pieces in this series remind me of images I have seen in dreams, materializing what is outlined on the oneiric plane.

Forma Inorgánica, 2022, Acrylic and blood on raw cotton, artist frame, 90x120 cm

Felicidad, 2022, Acrylic and blood on raw cotton, artist frame, 80x110 cm

“Formita Inorgánica Bebé”, 2022, Acrylic on canvas, plexiglass frame, 42x22 cm

“Formas Inorgánicas Paralelas”, 2022, (diptych) Acrylic and gold leaf on raw cotton, artist frame, 90x180cm

“Formita Inorgánica Madre”, 2022, Acrylic, thread and gold leaf on raw cotton, banak frame, 17x22 cm

“Sentimientos Encontrados”, 2022, Acrylic and blood leaf on canvas, artist frame, 50x50 cm