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The Healing Power of Image

Mexico City, 2021

Pain is a silent companion, beyond it there is a personal and lineage history, it is the spirit manifesting through the body, it is a message, a door, an opportunity to transcend. The defect can be a misfortune, it can also be a virtue, a gift that makes us unique, because there is no such thing as imperfection, only the impeccability of being. Could it be that a great defect hides a great power?

Traditional medicine and diagnostic technologies can be extremely limited in representing the experience of someone living with pain. The diagnostic image holds great hope of being able to see inside, of being understood. But what happens when an image is received and it does not say much?

Through translations of diagnostic images I seek to represent sensations that as a patient are real but it is not possible to see through a physical medium. During the process the pieces come to life, they detach from me, they take on their own body and shape, we transcend ourselves. I wish to express my experience of pain and resonate with people, connect in deep understanding and compassion, establish an intuitive relationship to share the pain that each of us experiences and honor the wisdom that we carry within.

The pieces contain my own blood that I get from a stem cells treatment for pain relief, where they take my blood and separate it into plasma to reinject it in my spine’s and limbs joints. The contained blood is alive, in constant oxidation and at the mercy of time.