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Magoda Diosa Madre

Mexico City, 2021

“Magoda Diosa Madre”, 2021, High temperature ceramic nd acrylic marker

Magoda’s name is a variation of María (Mara, Marina, Magda, Margot, Margode, etc.) I adopted this name to embrace the Great Mother, the Magna Mater, the Triple Goddess, the female diety giver of life, the universal creative force, the center of conciousness, life and expansion, the eternal and absolute femenine. Magoda reminds me of the intrinsec creative energy that I believe is contained in every one of us, an absolute potencially magical power that waits silently for us to be awaken.

This was my very first batch of ceramics, and some of the pieces were born with a crack. Anybody familiar with biulding ceramics will know this is very normal for a beginner, the apprentice is just starting to understand the nature of clay, and cracks appear after firing the first pieces. For classic ceramic standards this is not acceptable, and some will even advice to destroy the cracked pieces, but for me destroying them would be inacceptable, since their cracks remind me to my own body’s congenital defect, spina bifida occulta is a crack in the spine!

So I kept my cracks and enhanced them with kintsugi technique, to remember that learning ceramics was life changing.

“Ave del augurio”, 2021, High temperature ceramic, repaired with kintsugi

“La triple diosa”, 2021, High temperature ceramic repaired with kintsugi