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Formas Rituales

Solo show - Momoroom - Nov 11th, 2021 to Jan 7th - 2022
Every rite is magical to some degree, with our actions we create rites without knowing it, producing effects that give meaning to experiences. The rite makes the hidden present, the invisible visible, materializes the spiritual. This work is based on a ritual compiled from tools and techniques taken from Kundalini Yoga, Alexander Technique, and Art Therapy.

Solo show - Momoroom - Dec 9th, 2021 to Jan 7th - 2022



A sound piece composed from recordings of my process/ritual. Made with percussive, incidental or vocal sounds that fill the sound space recreating the ritualistic aspect of my work, a more sensorial experience.

Elements such as tea, coffee, inciense, fire, kundalini yoga mantras and other vocalizations are part of the symbology of my ritual. The percussions come from moments when padding humid unfired ceramics.